We help early childhood practitioners become better teachers

Research conducted at universities, foundations, and public agencies tells us that high quality early learning helps children enter kindergarten ready to learn and prepared to succeed in elementary school and beyond. But what environments, child experiences and teacher characteristics constitute high quality early learning? There are several factors, but the key ingredient of any classroom environment is the nature and quality of interaction between adults and children.1

For more than 30 years, our organization (formerly known as Snohomish County Association for the Education Young Children) has been a leader in providing educational opportunities for teachers, center managers, administrators and others in the field. We sponsor (and promote) trainings, workshops and conferences designed to enhance teachers’ skills, knowledge and abilities.

1: Lessons from Research and the Classroom, J Minervino, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle WA, 2014

2021 Rejuvenate Conference | May 1st

"Early Childhood Trauma and the Impact of COVID-19 and Social Injustice for Young Children" The annual Rejuvenate Conference, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of...
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